Things You Didn’t Know About Property Valuer

The agent or you didn’t speak to the right property solicitor the information that I’m teaching you by the way is pretty high level I mean it’s not common knowledge you know this is not taught at school the reality is reflected in where we end up as a national you look at the latest statistics you know if you take all the landlords in-Australia . percent of all property-investors end up with just one property in my book they’re not really properly investors are they they just bought something usually wear in the corner within three to five K’s and where they live eighteen percent have exactly two properties and by the way this is from ad At oh the Australian Taxation Office and RP data is pretty accurate data three properties five point five percent investors with four properties represent two percent five properties . and investors that this is what a definition of a property investor is six properties or more in my book only . percent of properly investors some.

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