Reasons Why Having An Excellent Property Valuation Is Not Enough

Here today now the operating profit is after is mentioned in this particular part of paragraph number six it’s after deducting non-cash expenses which is into rm. into this done okay so the has been let me just stick with yeah this is in your OK this in so what what the examiner will tell you they’ll be a capital expenditure and now there are numerous times that the tellers death their capital expenditure and the TD happens.

To be the same so when they say that this too is this same you can just ignore this one and they will may not give you this as well because it’s not important anymore because you’re going to start with operating profit if you’re gonna start operating profit just putting your text this to you don’t even have to know how much the figure is because they’re going to set in cancel of each other anyway that is past exam questions but this question is giving us the TV ad which has been included in the insight here so what are we going too is we’re going to calculate the one . while the questions says that teed is in line with sales.

It’s not in line with capital expenditure it’s inline with salesroom so we’ll take so this figure is going to be times one final six it’s going to give you a figure of treat want to add back so kid x .you’re going to get here one ball plus OPERAND equals to straightaway you’re going to get press equals to you going to get here now less this thing called capital expenditure let me tell you something materialism an exam exam technique we know that p is a very stress full papering exam and you may not be able to finish all the questions if you do it so very neatly and complete because three hours sometimes students difficulty me too to finding.

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